Registration Closed!

One way in – no way out

You did this to yourself – the prison gates shut with a hefty clank. It is time for you to start your long harsh way to rehabilitation. Each step hurts. You did wrong. You deserve what is coming next.


Punishment comes at a price

Each sentence will be going through the full care program Straflager has to offer:

You will be thoroughly processed in our assessment centre, searched, catalogued, measured, interrogated, examined and equipped in your prison garb.

You will be taken care of during your whole stay – including meals, physical activities, yard time, hygiene, medical treatments and more.

Your stay will be focused on your personal rehabilitation – this will include our bespoke rehabilitation program for punitive correction. Treatments will be administered individually to ensure the high quality of your ‘betterment’.

You will also be kept in check within the prison population by partaking in group based punitive activities.

It is STRONGLY recommended to follow the prison protocol to a T – especially the dreaded Tagesordnung. In case of disobedience somewhat ‘special’ measures will occur.

The process

Getting in

First you will be filling in our application form. Be detailed, truthful and thorough.

If we see you fit enough to be granted access to registration, we will be inviting you to an assessment call (video call) with one of our staff.

During this interview we will get to know you and gather necessary information to vet you and create your individual bespoke stay during the Straflager. We will be introducing the rules, answer your questions and probe you on your necessary prerequisites to a successful rehabilitation.

Please note that this call will be honoured by you with a forfeit of €50,- to the call, a small fee to weed out the insincere from our future prison population. In case of your booking we will be putting this towards your registration fee to ensure no loss to those serious enough about their successful reintegration to society.

After the successful video call you will be given the registration file containing rehabilitation contract (ToS), health check document, court documents, and other necessary papers for you to check, fill in the gaps and sign. Only then will you be receiving your sentencing and the exact time of your arrival.

Registration closed

Detailed – Truthful – Thorough