Cutting edge punitive measures

You earned your sentence. No matter if you claim innocence, the cell just slammed shut behind you and the lock clanked in place with a heavy thud. You will be stuck here for the foreseeable future. Nothing you can do but time…


Length of jailtime

The sentences range from 24 up to 72 hours. The usual correctional measure is a stay in a double cell, though for the heavy hitters we have the capacity to isolate you in a single cell. The facility is basic, but effective.
Upon arrival you will undergo processing – you will be strip searched, your belongings catalogued, filed and packed away. You will be issued prison attire and the bare necessities for your stay. Prisoners who need special medical attention will be allowed to keep medication (upon medical proof). You will be checked thoroughly by our doctors and nurses, cleaned and disinfected.
Your picture will be taken and the paperwork will be processed for your court. Then you will be released into the prison population.

Zucht – Disziplin – Ordnung

Becoming a member of society again

Our punitive measures are harsh but effective. Despite your own efforts, you failed, you got caught and you will be punished.

We will manifest our principles Zucht, Disciplin and Ordnung (correction, discipline and order) very firmly within our educational system. Your treatment and your punishments will be individually chosen after we assess your behaviour, locate the root of your struggles and „help“ you along on your way of reintegrating into society.

Our methods are traditional, firm and will be successful even in the hardest of cases.


What will you experience

Like a real prison we have our own correctional standards. We will be using modern punitive measures (BDSM) detailed in your case files. Upon application you will be given ample opportunity to inform us about your experience, your physical abilities and your requests in regard for the desired treatment. You will be given an opportunity to discuss the experience beforehand out of character with one of our staff prior to the event starting, via video- or phone call.


We will be enforcing a strict daily plan, the Tagesordnung, which will be obeyed by our entire prison population. This plan will be covering nutrition, rest, sleep, group measures, individual training and select specials. The Tagesordnung will enable us to create an immersive and tense experience and will make sure we have plenty of time to treat your kink.


ATTENTION! It will be of UPMOST importance to be honest and truthful about your level of experience, your taboos and your wishes for the stay. Once your stay has started we will be in prison mode and won’t step out of character until the end of your stay.

Sexual Preferences

We love a diverse prison population and cater to straight, gay, trans and bi prisoners. Your personal experience will be strictly kept within your boundaries. Our prisoners might be handled by officers outside their preference for superficial tasks, for example to fetch them from the cell and bring them to treatments, to be served food and such. All BDSM play will be strictly kept within your preference.

Safeword & breakpoint

We will only accept seasoned and experienced prisoners – if you are new to BDSM, this is not for you. A safeword is not part of this experience. We do honour international BDSM safety protocols and respect ‚Mayday‘. This is only to be used in emergencies and will result in the immediate end of your stay, where we will address the issue immediately in an appropriate way. However, if this is your first ’serious‘ event in terms of long term or group play or you choose a particularly challenging form of stay, you will be granted the privilege of „Holy Mercy“. You will need to request the privilege upon processing and you can only use it once during the entirety of your stay. In the case of Holy Mercy we will remove you from the experience immediately to address your issue out of game and character. Remind yourself that our event is meant to be challenging and is created to push boundaries.