Punitive Measures

Inmate Discipline Program

Our discipline program is both punitive and corrective. Straflager has various treatment programs that can be adjusted individually based on the evaluation interview of each inmate.


  • Humiliation
  • Interrogation
  • Mindgames
  • Isolation


  • Bondage
  • Hard labour
  • Clinical supervision
  • specialized pedagogical measure for behavioral correction

The treatment programs must be combined to achieve higher discipline efficiency and to accelerate the reformation progress.
Clinical supervision is provided only in high-risk cases. Psychopathic deviation and extreme brattiness will require clinical intervention.
Correctional management is executed by all members of our staff, however, adjustments could be made, based on the inmate’s gender and sexual orientation.


such as:

  • disruptive behavior
  • failure to participate in the treatment programs (bad attitude, lack of motivation, failure to complete assignments)
  • display of violent behavior and threatening statements
  • possession of pornography and other risk-relevant materials, referred to as ‘contraband’

will result in punitive intervention. There will be no warnings.

Inmates have no right of correspondence. An attempt to reach out to the outside world will be counted as non-compliance and persecuted accordingly.