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    Straflager 2024 – the Prison Event

  • Registration is closed!

    Straflager 2024 – the Prison Event

Abandon all hope!

You enter the gates of Straflager

You’ll be stripped of all clothes and identities to become a faceless number. The outside world has no means of reaching you here. At Straflager you have no rights and only one responsibility: to be corrected, disciplined, trained, reprogrammed to become a better you. Hard labor and spartan conditions will strengthen your body and mind while endless interrogations and merciless torture will destroy you internally, externally, and eternally. Your disoriented, confused being will have no choice but to submit to the cruel will of our guards.

Authentic Prison Event

25.-27. October 24

Straflager 2024 is an immersive prison roleplay event. You will be locked away in authentic prison cells in a high security facility. There is no way out. Enjoy 1-4 days of maximum security prison with modern punitive measurements especially tailored to your crimes. The guards are recruited from Europes finest BDSM professionals – under leadership of Straflager Warden Lady Velvet Steel.

We will watch you

and we will punish you

Our experienced and strict guards will be watching you every second of your stay. You will be displayed for them to study you and your habits to be able to penetrate your soul even deeper and find your weak spots before you even know they exist. Your behaviour will have consequences, but it’s just the matter of HOW MUCH punishment you will be getting. You will be obeying every order you’re given, otherwise you will be at mercy of our endlessly creative and endlessly ruthless guards.

Jail – to be locked away

advanced BDSM experience for enthusiasts

Straflager 2024 is catered to lovers of enthralling and engaging long term BDSM plays. We will be offering a true experience. Albeit we will be able to adjust to your boundaries and create bespoke stays, the stay won’t be for the faint of heart.
You will need to have experience. This is not your first play.

You will be given the ability to lay out your fantasies and hopes, must define your taboos and boundaries, but within these lines we will be creating a stay for you that will be feeling chillingly true.

The choice is yours:

Your sentence will range from 1 – 4 days.

You choose the gender of your guards and will be accordingly handled and used.

You will be given a unique time to arrive for your sentence, where you will be processed. This includes a thorough search, a medical examination, the necessary paperwork and finally guarded supervision to your cell. From then on a strict protocol is to be followed with a tight daily schedule. You will experience jail time, isolation, labour and our speciality: punitive measurements to reshape you into a useful member of society.

Our methods might be hard, but they have proven to be effective.

Straflager will make you forget the life how you knew it, you will have no luxury of freedom. Now you’re serving time for the crimes of the past and we’ll make sure you get the best treatment for what you did.